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If you would like a PSL or thread of some sort with Tony, you can let me know thusly:

Plurk: chartharsis
PM: this journal

As a general rule, I do not thread smut or character death, but am pretty open to just about everything else.
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[for those of you with access to video, this is, indeed, a video. those of you on phones get voice. anyone trying to access the comm through email, text, etc, get a transcription:]

Hi. You've reached the life double of Tony Stark. The real me is actually off doing something ridiculously awesome and badass right now, so you can leave me your jealousy-ridden message here, and as soon as I'm done, I'll pass it on to myself. If you really, really can't wait, try hitting up Pepper, she'll probably be around, but she'll probably also be ridiculously stressed out, so if she starts rambling on at you? Firstly: don't say I didn't warn you, and secondly: remind her to breathe, she forgets sometimes.

[he flashes a peace sign and a smirk] To peace!
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Who: Pepper & Tony
What: Regrouping. And tacos. And fluff that at least one of them wasn't expecting.
When: After Tony returns from Puente Antiguo.
Where: Tony's house in Malibu.
Rating: PG-13? /shrug.

Between the silence of the mountains / And the crashing of the sea / There lies a land I once lived in / And she's waiting there for me )
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WHAT: It's a party at a rich dude's house!
WHEN: Sometime after Avengers, but spoilers can be avoided on request - just make a note in the comment header.
WHO: Tony Stark and YOU! And a bajillion of his closest, drunkest NPC friends.
WHERE: Tony's sweet pad in Malibu.
WHY: This is panfandom, we do what we want. Don't even bother explaining why or how you got here, just SHOW UP AND PARTY. Threadjack at will! Just please regard people's requests for spoiler-free threads, if you can. :D


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